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Vieques Guide

We love Vieques and we love sharing all we love about Vieques. We are a small little island of only 55 square miles that resides six miles east of the main island of Puerto Rico. We are part of the United States, although it has quite a different feel than most of the mainland.

Vieques if full of pure raw beauty full of lush land, exotic animals and beautiful secluded beaches, we have over 20 beaches on our island and you’ll be sure to see horses, mongoose & roosters roaming around and you’ll be sure to hear the sounds of our coquies, roosters and local birds. 

As you discover this magical island, please treat it with love and respect by keeping it clean and leaving it as you saw it or cleaner when you enjoy it.



You can get to the Island of Vieques by air from San Juan International Airport, San Juan Isla Grande Airport, Ceiba Airport, St. Croix or on a ferry from Ceiba. There are multiple flights and ferries every day, however on the weekends and high season, it’s a good idea to reserve ahead of time.


The airlines that fly to Vieques:

Vieques Air Link – 888-901-9247
Cape Air – 787-741-7734
Silver Airways – 787-946-7800
Air Sunshine – 954-434-8900

Airplane Charters

Taxi Aereo – 787-602-7605
MN Aviation – 787-791-7090

Ferry – 787-497-7740


Vieques is home to the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world at Mosquito Bay. At night, the bay comes alive with it’s magical glow. It’s a reason a lot of people come visit our beautiful island of Vieques. For the best visibility and brightness in the bay, you want the darkest night so when the moon is smallest, not risen or has set or it’s a cloudy night. There are no biobay tours within 3 days of the full moon. 

We definitely recommend an excursion to Mosquito Bay to experience this for yourself. Below is a list of excursions

Aqua Sunset Tours – We recommend this company as they are locally owned and provide full clear kayaks so you can see EVERYTHING as you kayak in the biobay.

You will love it. Call 939-208-6147 to book or  Click Here


Coconut beach is our favorite cause it is pretty much a private beach steps away from you at the Blue. Although there are no private beaches in Vieques, only a few properties have access to this beach so rarely do you see many people on this beach. 

There are so many beaches on the island so you have a ton to choose from. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. The nice this, even if there is a little wind on one side of the island, there are lots of protected beaches where you can find nice calm waters. 

Playa Negra (Black Beach) – we’ll start with this one cause it’s unique, there are not many


There are quite a few restaurants and food trucks on the island. We do not cover all of the restaurants and food trucks, there are way too many, but here are a few of our favorites. 


Carambola Restaurant – If you have ever enjoyed the rich variety of the Caribbean flavors you will surely find yourself in culinary heaven. Exquisite dining in tropical tranquility in front of the ocean.

The Executive Chef Jorge Mercado delights himself in providing you with a colorful and flavorful palate of exquisite dishes infused with that wonderful tropical flair that will challenge you to stay away from the kitchen. We have an amazing brunch!

Carambola, also known as Star Fruit, was created to provide exceptional cuisine to both guests and patrons alike. The restaurant is located at the Blue Horizon Boutique Resort which is set on 54 acres of oceanfront property. The location offers a true Caribbean atmosphere which is complemented by our new age cuisine.

We are happy to make a reservation for you or you can book your table by calling 787-741-2218 or online here 

El Quenepo
– this is one of the nicer restaurants for dinner on the island. It is located in the town of Esperanza and it is popular so we recommend a reservation. They are closed on Sunday & Monday.

We are happy to make a reservation for you or you can call 787-741-1215

Tin Box
– This is a uniquely designed sushi & bbq place. We know, it’s a little odd, but both are good. They don’t have sushi on Monday nights and are closed on Tuesday. You shouldn’t need a reservation but you can call to make one. They are located in the middle of the island at the intersection of PR-996 & PR-201.

We are happy to make a reservation for you or you can call 787-435-6064

– This is in the town of Esperanza. It’s casual and has good bar food and drinks.

– This is in the town of Esperanza. It’s a local Puerto Rican restaurant to try some local cuisine. They also take reservations that we are happy to make for you or you can call 787-741-1385

Coqui Fire Cafe
– This is in the town of Isabel Segunda. It’s a good little place with Mexican type cuisine. They are only open on weekdays, Monday – Friday and we recommend making a reservation.

We are happy to make a reservation for you or you can call 787-741-0401.

Biekes Bistro
–  This is a local Puerto Rican place that is located in the town of Isabel Segunda Local Puerto Rican cuisine in town of Isabel Segunda.


– This is a local joint that has daily specials of things like pinchos, burgers, burritos, they make some good drinks too. They are across the street from Morales & a gas station on to Isabel Segunda.

They are closed on Sundays 787-247-7882 

This is in the town of Esperanza. It’s casual and has good bar food and drinks.

– An Italian Eatery with pastas, Italian entrees and local specials in Isabel Segunda. They are only open weekdays.

We are happy to make a reservation for you or you can call 787-438-1100 

Aurora’s Chicken & Grill
– this is a local favorite with local cuisine with their very own fried chicken recipe that is more than “finger licking good” ;-). They also have bbq chicken, rice, beans, burgers, lots of yummy goodies.

They are road 201. 787-741-3002 

El Yate Bar and Restaurant
– located right next to the ferry, this is a great place to get locally caught and fresh seafood. Their hot wings are great! They also make some great drinks.


Buen Provecho
– If you are looking to get some deli goodies to take to the beach, this is a good option. They have meats, cheeses and all the snacks you need to enjoy yourself and not be hungry exploring the island.



We are happy to arrange for airport pickup and drop off for you. 

If you would prefer to coordinate your own transportation, here are our recommendations:

Richard – 787-934-8556 
Edwin – 787-358-0655
Mode Transportation – 787-295-3021 


We definitely recommend renting a vehicle to explore the island. They can be in high demand here on our small island so we suggest you try to do that as soon as possible to confirm it. 

We recommend the following companies as they are locally owned and operated and offer pickup services anywhere on the island. 


There are quite a few grocery stores and small markets on the island. Most of them close between 6-8PM depending on the day and aren’t open too early either, so if you want to get some things, plan ahead. Robins Grocery is located right at our entrance and they are open Tuesday – Saturday til around 5. 


On Tuesdays and Fridays if you want some fresh fruits & veggies, Placita Reyes comes on the ferry every week (some holidays may throw off the schedule) 787-598-4509.


All the gas stations in Vieques are located in the town of Isabel Segunda on the other side of the island. The latest gas station closes at 8PM so make sure you plan ahead in getting gas if you have a rental car.


Some like to see the island from the water. If you are interested in doing some boating adventures, below are companies in Vieques that offer that.


Vieques Sailing Charters – 939-332-5778
Marauder Sailing Charters – 787-435-4858


We know it’s nice to get a message to add some extra relaxation to your trip. Here are some options we have on the island


Beatriz Beauty Boutique & Spa – 787-394-0414
Blue Hill Hand & Foot Reflexology and Massage – 787-908-2552
Blue Hoku (Maureen) – 787-556-5025
Caribbean Massage – 207-869-0925
Vieques Massage Ingrid Bergman – 787-435-1313


If you are in the mood for a mani & pedi, haircut or massage, we have one spa on the island.

Beatriz Beauty Boutique & Spa – 787-394-0414


If you are looking for some experienced guides to show you around the island, here are some tour companies that offer that. 

Travesías Isleñas – 787-447-4104
Angie Chauffeur – 787-455-4596


We are an island and have some good seafood. If you are interested in going fishing yourself, here are the companies that offer fishing & fishing supplies.

Amity Charters – 787-502-3839
Bieque Eco Trips – 787-922-2701
Caribbean Fly Fishing Co. – 787-450-3744
Din Din’s Bio Bay Tours – 787-448-5931
El Pescador Fishing & Marine Center – 787-741-1146


Although we have thousands of wild/feral horses in Vieques, we also have trained horses and companies that offer tours on the beach, for sunset and even private tours. Here are the companies that provide horseback riding.

Esperanza Riding – 787-435-0073
Sea Gate Hotel – 787-667-2805
Colon Horseback Riding – 787-237-9236


If you are interested in exploring the island in a little bit of a different way, there are bikes, scooters and golf carts.

Bieque Eco Trips – 787-922-2701
The Vieques Guesthouse in Esperanza – 787-435-1513
JAK Water Sports – 787-644-7112
Taíno Aqua Adventures – 787-349-6964
Travesías Isleñas – 787-447-4104 


Abe’s Snorkeling & BioBay – 939-224-2095
BlackBeard Sports – 787-308-4478
Din Din’s Bio Bay Tours – 787-448-5931
Fun Brothers – 787-435-9372 / 741-0151
Isla Nena Scuba – 787-718-7605
JAK Water Sports – 787-644-7112
Melaya’s Tours – 787-222-7055
Taíno Aqua Adventures – 787-349-6964
Travesías Isleñas – 787-447-4104
Vieques Paddleboarding – 787-366-5202


If you are looking to get in the flow, here are some yoga & pilates in Vieques

Esperanza Yoga w/Valerie – 508-945-7643
Vieques Pilates, Yoga & Wellness – 231-383-1885
Ana Millen, Yoga/Pilates/Aerial/Oov & wellness retreats – 231-383-1885


If you are traveling with your pet and need a vet, we have a couple.

Pampered Pets – 787-741-0639
Vieques Humane Society – 787-741-0209
Our Big Fat Caribbean Rescue – 787-349-8480 


Richard – 787-934-8556
Ruben – 787-436-0006
Mode’s Transportation – 787-295-3021
Angie Chauffeur – 787-455-4596
Carlos & Denisse – 787-447-8697
Danny – 787-934-5840 
Eddie – 939-488-7464
Edna Robles – 787-630-4673
Hilda Robles – 787-486-0267
Henry – 787-649-3838
Jose Morales – 787-435-4277
Josue – 787-445-4599
Juanito – 787-645-2329
Julio – 787-579-1141
Luis Gonzalez – 787-435-3805
Naté – 787-364-5911
Transportacion Publica – 787-358-0655


We recommend Uber for most transportation on the main island. If you prefer a taxi, below are numbers of the Publicos/Taxis in Ceiba & San Juan

CR Transportation (Puerto Rico) – 787-614-8874
Julian Transfers – 787-887-5957, 787-385-7604 
Ángel & Mary – 787-223-6200
Daniel Rivera – 787-239-4300/ 787-398-0231
Als taxi – 787-590-9001
Efrain Ortiz – 787-225-4944
John’s Publico – 787-354-5851
John Rosario – 787-354-5851
Angelito – 939-224-2760
Julian – 787-245-6145
Palma’s Transportation /Jay – 787-627-8264
Hernan Nieves – 787-674-0984


Forte Conde Mirasol – 787-375-0525
Vieques Historical & Conservation Trust – 787-741-8850


Vieques Baptist Church (English service) – 787-220-4494
Padre Jean Augustal Julian – 787-528-5628
Pastor Carmen Cruz Rey – 787-501-0426
Iglesia Catolica – 787-528-5628
Iglesia Episcopal – 787-414-3903
Iglesia Fe Que Transforma – 787-308-5659
Iglesia Metodista – 787-501-0426
Iglesia Metodista – 787-435-0479


Flex Gym – 404-317-7127


Yep, we have a local rum distillery on the island and it’s awesome, definitely check it out.

787- 435-1986
Saturday’s 11AM – 5PM tastings

PHARMACY ( Farmacia Rey)

Our only pharmacy is located in:

Isabel Segunda – 787-741-8397


If you have an emergency, CALL 911

Ambulance – 787-741-8261
Hospital – 787-741-3282 
Emergency – 787-741-8261
Fire Dept – 787-741-2111
Police – 787-741-2020
Municipal Office – 787-741-5000, 787-741-5051, 939-239-4164